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Cajun and Caribbean Food in Largo, FL

Maximize your event with Cajun & Caribbean food from Bayou Catering in Largo, Florida. We make sure you are happy with our great services.

Your Catering Expert

At Bayou Catering, we provide catering for two to 500 people for all your special or corporate events. We are a full-service catering company, and we can not only provide the food for your event, but all the necessary equipment to accommodate your guests. This includes tables, chairs, linens, silverware, glassware, wait and bar staff service, music, venue selection. From small gatherings with sandwich trays only to Mardi Gras parties featuring crawfish or shrimp boils to elegant weddings—you name it, we'll deliver it.
Event Waiter - Catering Services in Largo, FL
Caribbean Food - Caribbean Food Catering in Largo, FL

Cajun/Caribbean/Coastal Catering

We provide a unique combination of bold flavors. The recipes of Louisiana and the Caribbean share many common ingredients and themes. At the same time, we provide a wide variety of flavors, textures, and aromas. The Coastal portion of our menu provides an endless selection, from Maine Coastal (lobsters and clam chowder), to California Coastal (fish tacos and avocado sandwiches).

Corporate/Event Catering

Our Corporate Catering menu offers the more traditional selections. However, what differentiates our "traditional" selections from others is the boldness of our recipes, along with the attention to detail of each dish. We fully understand the needs of vegetarians, as well as those with lactose-free and gluten-free needs.
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Our Services

  • Complete Event Planning (Rentals & Sub-Vendors)
  • Complete Meal Planning (Onsite Visits & Written Estimates)
  • Catering for All Events
  • Preparation & Delivery
  • On-site Cooking (Crawfish or Shrimp Boils, Jambalaya Cookouts, & Fried Turkey Cookouts)
  • Setup, Service, & Cleanup Services